Service Center
Technical Documents

1. Unable to send/receive data/fax calls  
Check the connections to computer and verify that necessary software has been properly installed and configured.
2.Moisture or ventilation problems  
Visually inspect the phone body, moisture can damage the phone. Ventilation is also very important. Move the phone to improve the ventilation as necessary.
3. No power  
Verify that AC power source and its corresponding circuit breaker are functioning properly.
4. If phone can’t make data connection
Make sure to follow Modem installation procedures
Make sure that you have purchased CDMA1x service from your CDMA service provider
Make sure that both PC’s modem driver and proper software are installed correctly
5. Unable to receive incoming calls:
Make sure that the incoming call is not restricted;
Make sure the FAX/DATA mode setting is OFF;
Make sure that your Phone is having good signal reception.
6. Unable to make outgoing calls
Make sure that the numbers you dialed are not restricted;
Make sure that your Phone is having good signal reception.
7. Unable to receive SMS
Make sure that your Phone’s memory is not full for storing SMS. If the memory is full, please empty inbox.

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